Pullach increases garbage fees drastically – district of Munich

In view of the current energy crisis, all municipalities in Germany will certainly have to raise their waste fees significantly. Nowhere are the costs increasing as explosively as in Pullach. Retroactive to January 1st, consumers in the Isar Valley community have to pay an average of 85 percent more for the disposal of their residual waste. For example, the fee for a 60-liter bin increases from 159 to 289 euros, for a 240-liter bin from 474 to 877 euros. The excitement in the municipal council was correspondingly great, especially when it became known that the exorbitant fee increase was not only due to the energy crisis, but also to a serious error in the previous fee calculation.

Treasurer André Schneider explained the background to the committee: According to this, a consulting company supported the municipality in calculating the fees for the years 2020 to 2022 and did not take into account the calculated costs such as depreciation and interest on fixed assets. As a result, the waste fees were mistakenly reduced by up to 30 percent, which led to an annual undercoverage of around 137,000 euros; this is now necessarily included in the new price.

The conversion to electric vehicles also makes the collection more expensive

The error was only noticed when calculating the fees for the years 2023 to 2025. About 16 percent of the fee increase resulted from this miscalculation. The municipality has since separated from the consulting company and has not paid the final installment either. But taking recourse against the company is very difficult, said Schneider on request.

Critical inquiries were also prompted by another inflation factor: the switch from diesel-powered refuse collection vehicles to environmentally friendly electric vehicles planned for 2024, with the result that the costs for refuse collection will rise from the previous EUR 394,000 annually to around EUR 552,000. This results in a fee increase of even 18 percent. He warned against switching to electric garbage trucks, said Reinhard Vennekold from the parliamentary group of the voter group “Wir in Pullach” (WIP), but the majority of the municipal council voted in favor. Now the citizens would not only have to pay for the consequences of the miscalculation, but also the switch to electric garbage trucks, which Vonnekold described as a victory of ideology over social issues.

Michael Reich (FDP) also said that there are people who are reaching their limits due to the significantly higher garbage fees. The administration should therefore carefully examine the possibility of supporting such budgets. Fabian Müller Klug (Greens), who asked about the possibility of a social award, took the same line. According to Kämmerer Schneider, a subsidy from the municipality is not permitted because the waste prices must necessarily cover costs.

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