Protests against IAA in Munich: motorways partially closed

A few hours before the opening of the IAA automobile fair, the first protests and disruptions began this morning in the state capital. According to the police headquarters, several people abseiled themselves from motorway bridges or lowered banners in order to disrupt traffic.

A police operation was ongoing on the A8 and A96, and a helicopter was requested. The lane had to be partially closed and the traffic diverted in order to bring the demonstrators down, said a police spokesman in Munich.

Activists cause traffic jams in rush hour traffic

The A92, A95 and A94 motorways near the exhibition center are also affected by the unannounced protests. There were traffic jams in rush hour traffic.

In addition, there was a Greenpeace campaign on the lake in the Munich Exhibition Park that morning. As the German press agency reports, 14 demonstrators with posters in water basins in front of the fair. The posters showed pictures of floods and forest fires in recent years, as well as slogans such as “The climate crisis starts here”.

The police, who were in large numbers at the exhibition grounds, let the activists have their way, and after about half an hour they voluntarily left the cold water.

Further demos announced

On the occasion of the IAA automobile fair, numerous groups want to continue demonstrating. Among other things, blockades have been announced for Friday and a large demonstration and a bicycle rally with tens of thousands of participants for Saturday.

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