Protests after the “One Love” ban: Neumann comments in a rainbow shirt

Status: 11/22/2022 7:06 am

Consequential “One Love” ban: ZDF reporter Claudia Neumann commented on a game in a rainbow shirt, a US journalist was arrested because of a colorful jersey.

The World Football Association FIFA has put its foot down by banning the “One Love” captain’s armbands at the World Cup. However, an end to the debate is far from in sight. Some journalists made a statement with colorful clothing around the Monday games (November 21, 2022).

ZDF reporter: “Setting signs for diversity and tolerance”

Claudia Neumann, who commentated on the preliminary round match between the USA and Wales on ZDF, sat in her reporter’s seat with a rainbow shirt and matching armband. “I want to set an example for diversity and tolerance,” she said during the game.

Britain’s BBC pundit Alex Scott wore the much-discussed ‘One Love’ armband on the sidelines of the England-Iran game. Numerous top European teams, including Germany, had announced that they would wear this captain’s armband to show tolerance. However, FIFA had banned the wearing under threat of penalties in the morning.

US journalist arrested for rainbow shirts

US journalist Grant Wahl had an awkward encounter with Qatari security officials for wearing a shirt with rainbow colors ahead of the Netherlands-Senegal game.

Wahl first tweeted the incident and then recorded his experiences in a longer Internet article. First he was asked to change his t-shirt because it was “not allowed” in the stadium. Immediately after the first tweet, his mobile phone was snatched from him.

30 minutes in the hands of security

He was detained for around half an hour and repeatedly asked to take off his T-shirt. Andrew Das, a reporter friend of his from the New York Times, happened to drop by and was also arrested for a short time.

Flimsy apology

When both were later allowed to leave, they apologized to him, Wahl reported. A FIFA apology followed. However, the security guards’ explanation was sobering: they held him to protect him from fans who could attack him because of the shirt.

Wahl’s closing thought: “What’s it like for a normal Qatari, maybe wearing a rainbow shirt, when the world isn’t looking? How will that be?”


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