Protective measures: Corona expert Wendtner considers easing to be premature

protective measures
Corona expert Wendtner considers easing to be premature

Federal Health Minister Lauterbach has announced the end of the mask requirement on long-distance trains and buses on February 2nd. photo

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The mask requirement in long-distance trains and buses is to fall on February 2nd. Corona expert Wendtner thinks that is too hasty. It was not happy with Health Minister Lauterbach’s decision.

The Munich infectiologist Clemens Wendtner considers the abolition of further corona protection measures in winter to be hasty and due to the general pandemic fatigue. “That is the basis why, in my view, some irrational and hasty decisions were made,” said the corona expert of the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Monday). “In a season when viral diseases are at their peak, loosening things up too quickly is very questionable.”

He was not happy that the masks “are falling across the board,” said the infectiologist. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) announced on Friday that the mask requirement on long-distance trains and buses would end on February 2nd. In local transport, for which the federal states are responsible, wearing a mask should no longer be compulsory until the beginning of February. Several federal states have already implemented this, and all others are now following suit. “I would have thought it would have been better if we had kept our feet still for a bit. The Infection Protection Act will expire by around April anyway,” said Wendtner, referring to the easing.

Wendtner is chief physician of infectiology at the Munich Clinic Schwabing and treated the first corona patients in Germany there at the beginning of 2020. Society will have to live with the corona virus for many years to come, he said. In addition, “the way back to the pandemic” is also possible. “For example, when new variants appear.” The risk of this is particularly high if the virus – as is currently the case in China – encounters a population that is not sufficiently immunized.


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