Prosecutors determined after a fencing duel in a fraternity in Bavaria

A possibly illegal fencing duel in a fraternity in Erlangen is now occupying the public prosecutor’s office. According to the police, the event ended bloody for two 24 and 21-year-old participants. They were taken to the hospital with head injuries. Two 25 and 28-year-old participants are therefore being investigated on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm, as a police spokesman said. First, the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation and the Nuremberg News reported.

According to the information, several dozen people were present during the incident, which took place on February 10. The public prosecutor’s office will now have to assess the extent to which those involved have made themselves punishable, said the spokesman, referring to a decades-old decision by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH).

According to this, physical injuries in fencing fights are not punishable if the opponents agree to the fight. According to the BGH decision, this is not the case if a duel is used solely to carry out so-called honorary deals. The investigators cannot rely on information provided by the accused. The two men are “not very talkative,” said the spokesman.

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