Program bonus for cinemas in Unterschleißheim and Gräfelfing – district of Munich

The Capitol cinema in Unterschleißheim and the Graefelfingen Filmeck have once again received awards for their excellent range of programmes. Both receive a bonus of 15,000 euros each. The program prize is awarded every year from funds from the Film-Fernseh-Fonds Bayern. A total of 1.35 million euros was given to 91 Bavarian film theaters. Significantly more money was distributed this year than last year – in 2021 800,000 euros went to 79 cinemas. “Especially in crises – and unfortunately now also in times of war – it becomes clear how important culture and film art in particular is,” said Judith Gerlach (CSU), Digital Minister and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Film-Fernseh-Fonds Bayern.

Werner Scholz shows films in the original version, many German productions, opera films, an extensive children’s program in his small Filmeck cinema in the Gräfelfingen community center and organizes the film talks every month – discussion rounds on selected films with the Gautingen film pastor Eckart Bruchner as moderator. Stefan Stefanov presents sophisticated films with a focus on art house and Bavarian productions in the Capitol in Unterschleißheim’s Lohhof district. Silent films with live performances are regularly on the program in the 81-seat cinema. In 2016 Stefanov was awarded the SZ Tassilo Culture Prize.

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