Process in Nuremberg: pensioner admits killing his wife – Bavaria

At the beginning of a murder trial, a 76-year-old pensioner admitted to having suffocated his wife in her sleep at the Nuremberg-Fürth district court. According to the indictment, the man is said to have taken the breath of the then 74-year-old with a pillow in June last year. The man then tried to kill himself. According to a court spokeswoman, the man had already written a suicide note.

The possibility of a joint death was a topic of conversation between the spouses. The victim had been ill for a long time after a stroke and needed help. For the retired couple, there were also money worries due to debts. In addition, a move from the rented terraced house in Nuremberg was imminent.

The public prosecutor’s office assumes murder because the crime was committed by insidiousness. The woman was surprised in her sleep and fought against suffocation, even inflicting wounds on her husband in his agony. The pensioner has been in custody since the crime. A verdict from the 5th Criminal Court is not expected until April.

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