Process Green Vault: Deal between prosecutors and defense threatens to burst

The deal in the process of stealing jewels from the Dresden Green Vault at the Dresden Regional Court threatens to burst. On Friday, the lawyers for the six accused announced that they would only accept questions about the confessions from the youth chamber and the public prosecutor’s office in writing and that they would prepare the answers with their clients. The chamber had previously assumed that queries would be answered immediately in the courtroom as far as possible.

the Public prosecutor takes a critical view of the defense attorney’s proposal: “The value of a written declaration is questionable,” it said. Court spokesman Andreas Feron said it was unclear whether the deal would be closed at all. The court will make a decision on Friday afternoon. Should the negotiated deals not materialize, the process could be significantly delayed.

At the The trial was in the morning continued around the jewel theft from the Green Vault. At the beginning of the day of the trial, two other defendants had declared themselves. Accordingly, a 26-year-old admitted on Friday to having been involved in the burglary and a 23-year-old admitted to having obtained the axes to break open the showcase, among other things. “I admit that I was there at the time of the crime,” said the older of the two. He also climbed over the wall, but then waited in front of the window and confessed “Schmiere”. His job was to accept the stolen goods. “I wasn’t there in Dresden,” read the 23-year-old’s defender. He also had nothing to do with the actual planning.

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