Proceedings set – “What if I don’t come?” – Ebersberg

At some point, judge Vera Hörauf burst the collar. He should now refrain from this fecal language, otherwise he could also wait outside the door, she said to the 23-year-old accused. He had to answer to the Ebersberg district court because he and a buddy in the north of the district had been caught allegedly consuming drugs. However, the accused vehemently denied in court that – as assumed by the police and public prosecutor’s office – he himself should have owned the prohibited substances – and repeatedly misspoke.

The 23-year-old, who lives in the northern district of Ebersberg, already expressed his displeasure during the reading of the indictment, which he acknowledged with a smug smile. Accordingly, he was in a park with a friend on a June evening last year. When a police patrol checked the two, the officers were able to find a can with small amounts of amphetamines. “Pff” was heard from the direction of the dock.

However, the young man did not want to contribute anything to prove his innocence. “I refuse to testify,” said the accused when asked by Judge Hörauf whether he wanted to comment. One of the two police officers who had checked on the two friends at the time finally took over. A rolled-up 20-euro note, a tobacco pouch and a small silver box were lying on a small table in the immediate vicinity of the accused, the officer said in court. The accused initially denied that the things belonged to him, but finally pocketed the bill – from which the police concluded that he had probably not told the whole truth.

“That’s enough for me now,” the 23-year-old complained from his seat in the courtroom. “I find that statement funny,” he said of the police officer’s statements, before announcing that he would not accept the court’s verdict anyway. Judge Hoerauf was initially unable to say such a thing, because the accused’s buddy once again stayed away from the hearing without an excuse. So the chairman felt compelled to have him brought to the meeting room by police patrol.

The one-hour break in the negotiations that was necessary for this did not really suit the accused. He still has work to do, so he won’t stay in court longer than the trial was originally scheduled to take place. “What if I don’t come?” he asked provocatively, only to complain about the “shitty negotiation”.

However, as it turned out a little later, the 23-year-old was unnecessarily upset. The police patrol could not find the missing witness at home, and judge Hörauf did not want to convict the accused without his testimony. The public prosecutor finally agreed to drop the case against the young man for the time being without any conditions.

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