Prison fire kills at least 41

The death toll of a prison fire in Indonesia in the Jakarta region, in the middle of the night, is very heavy. The flames left at least 41 dead and several dozen injured, police said on Wednesday.

The fire started early in Tangerang Prison, and “41 inmates are dead, eight are seriously injured and 72 have more minor injuries,” Jakarta Police Chief Fadil Imran said. The firefighters were able to overcome the fire which affected around 3 am one of the buildings mainly housing convicts for drug trafficking or consumption.

A short-circuit considered

The seriously injured victims were evacuated to hospitals in Tangerang, a city in the Jakarta conurbation, and those with more minor injuries to a nearby clinic.

“I inspected the site of the fire, and on the basis of the first observations the fire would have started because of a short circuit,” said the police official. The investigation into the causes of the tragedy is underway

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