Prince William: No more public life for Prince Andrew

Prince William
No more public life for Prince Andrew

Prince William (left) and Prince Andrew at Prince Philip’s funeral.

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No more public life? Prince William is said to see Prince Andrew as a “threat to the monarchy”.

Prince William (39) should still not be able to speak well to his uncle Prince Andrew (61). According to sources in the Sunday Times The 39-year-old sees his uncle as a threat to the royal family and does not want him to return to public life.

His family seems to be in favor of this too. Andrew’s siblings Charles (72), Anne (71) and Edward (57) according to “The Sun” held a meeting and decided that the 61-year-old has no way back in public. Above all, Prince William is said to be displeased with Prince Andrew’s “unworthy and ungrateful” attitude towards his position, an insider told the Sunday Times, adding: “He’s not a fan of Uncle Andrew.”

Prince Andrew resigned from his public duties at the end of 2019. He had previously given an interview about his alleged involvement in the Epstein scandal, which turned into a PR disaster for him. However, the Queen (95) still seems to be behind her son.

Lawsuit in the United States

As the “Telegraph” reported last, the British monarch is said to contribute millions of British pounds from her private coffers to, among other things, pay for the newly hired legal team from the USA. Virginia Roberts Giuffre (38) had filed a civil suit against him there. The allegation: Prince Andrew allegedly sexually abused her as a minor on the property of the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019). Andrew denies the allegations. The 38-year-old is claiming damages in the lawsuit, the amount is not known.


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