Prince William and Prince Harry drove palace officials to despair

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The heir to the throne and the rascal: How William and Harry drove the employees to despair

Prince William and Prince Harry in October 1991

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They both grew up as royals, and yet Prince William’s childhood was different from Prince Harry’s. Overshadowed by his older brother, Harry became a rascal – much to Princess Diana’s amusement.

They were born with different destinies: while Prince William and Prince Harry both grew up with the greatest privileges, their paths in life were meant to be different from the start. From the time he was born, it was clear that William the Elder would eventually ascend the throne. Harry, on the other hand, could allow himself more and step out of line more often – and he did.

Prince William and Prince Harry: different destinies

In his new book “William At 40: The Making Of A Modern Monarch”, from which the “Daily Mail” published excerpts in advance, author Robert Jobson explains the relationship between the two. It used to be considered extremely cramped, but now it’s broken. It was clear early on that William was preferred by some palace employees. The Queen’s mother, Queen Mum, also showed her preference by often wishing for little William to sit next to her at the table. Prince Harry, who has never publicly complained about growing up in his brother’s shadow, has noticed the difference in treatment, Jobson explains in his book.

He mentions an incident when the two princes were eight and six years old and were arguing in the back seat of the car. Diana’s former security officer, Ken Wharfe, drove the car and, according to Jobson, remembers Prince Harry exclaiming, “You’re going to be king. I’m not – so I can do whatever I want!” Diana and he looked at each other in shock, Wharfe explains.

But while William was given preferential treatment by parts of the family, Prince Harry was able to enjoy more freedom and allow himself more. Conversely, according to Jobson, William was irritated and often snitched. The rebellious Harry’s closest ally, meanwhile, seemed to be Princess Diana. According to Jobson, the mother of the two believed that the boys should be given freedom. Even when she was called to report at Harry’s school, she laughed at her younger son’s lewd jokes. The author reveals that she prefers to leave the discipline of her sons to the nannies.

Diana and Charles both didn’t want to discipline

Ken Wharfe also recalls being challenged to fist fights by William and Harry. Like Diana, Prince Charles is also said to have been lenient with them, so any reprimand came from the nannies. According to Jobson, a security guard warned his own successor, saying: “Good luck – you’re going to need it. If these kids had been raised on a council estate somewhere in south London, they would have been institutionalized long ago.” Harry’s school career was also characterized by pranks and rebelliousness. “He wasn’t the brightest academically,” recalls Ken Wharfe in Jobson’s book. “But he certainly wasn’t stupid. There were too many distractions for him. He was constantly being reprimanded. If there was fun to be had, he would rather do it than work. I think he saw school more as a chore.”

Together they drove their charges and employees to the brink of madness. “One of William’s favorite games was tossing billiard balls across a snooker table at high speed to crush his opponent’s fingers. Harry took it one step further: during an argument, he hit his brother on the head with a snooker cue. Exceptionally Diana was angry,” Jobson writes in his book.

But while Harry wasn’t overly impressed, William was able to pull himself together. Because at the end of the day, the biggest difference between the brothers remained: Prince William is the future king and Harry is not.

source: “Daily Mail”

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