Prince Harry is emotionally dependent and very needy, says an expert

Marriage of Harry and Meghan
Palace expert analyses: Prince Harry is emotionally dependent and very needy

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are said to be in a psychological co-dependency

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Together they are addicted to drama, and Meghan controls Prince Harry. Accusations like these were recently published in a book by royal expert Tina Brown.

Many people around the world have already wondered why the once cheerful Prince Harry could have changed so much and what is behind it. One now voices her suspicion and puts it directly on paper in a book called “The Palace Papers: Inside The House Of Windsor – The Truth And The Turmoil”.

Tina Brown is a nobility expert, and she spoke to 120 different palace insiders for her latest release. Also, one of the research takeaways for the author is that Prince Harry is “emotionally needy.”

After the death of Princess Diana in 1997, who Brown described as having a “explosive” celebrity but unstable personality, the British royal family reportedly never wanted anyone in the family to eclipse the royals ever again. But it seems that in 2018 the royal family gained someone with star power and a flair for drama, American television actress Meghan Markle. She assesses Tina Brown’s explosive turn of events in a new interview with The Telegraph newspaper. On the other hand, if the couple had not left the British royal family, they could have represented an enormous, media-effective enrichment.

Meghan and Harry are ‘addicted to drama’

But Brown thinks the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are impatient people who are “addicted to drama”. In her eyes, Prince Harry is more charismatic than his older brother Prince William. But he’s also a “very insecure, fragile, hot-headed guy who never really came to terms with his mother’s death and then faced a slightly chaotic life.”

In truth, Harry is “so emotionally needy that he is completely guided by Meghan and his whole personality has changed as a result. It’s a really sad thing for a lot of people. Meghan seems to be filling a huge need in Harry and it seems like if they’re in a strong codependency. And I wonder how it’s going to end.”

“The Oprah interview really damaged any relationship Harry could ever have with his family,” Brown said. She sees little hope for improvement as Harry is expected to publish his memoir this year, in which he is likely to reveal more chilling secrets about the royal family. “Unfortunately, Meghan is just as combative as he is,” Brown added. “William and Kate reassure each other, their marriage works very well that way. In the Sussex marriage, they blast each other and it’s ‘us against the world’ and it’s a disaster.”

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