Prince Harry in TV therapy session: Four diagnoses and a crisis with Meghan

New TV interview
Prince Harry confides in a trauma expert on TV – and gets four diagnoses

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have been married since 2018.

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In a kind of TV therapy session, Prince Harry explores with Dr. Gabor Maté his core and receives four diagnoses. He also tells of a violent argument with Duchess Meghan. He was afraid of “losing her”.

Prince Harry agreed to speak with trauma expert Dr. Met Gabor Maté. In the 90-minute Vimeo live stream, the royal tells, among other things, about a dispute with his wife. At the time, Duchess Meghan threatened to leave him. “I really needed this”, quotes “PageSix” the prince. “I needed that nudge” and the thought of “losing her”.

In his autobiography “Reserve” (original title: “Spare”) he goes into more detail about the dispute. He writes that he “freaked out” when a conversation with his wife “took an unexpected turn.” He addressed Duchess Meghan so “harshly” that “everything in the room came to a standstill”. Duchess Meghan then let him know “that she would never tolerate being spoken to like that”.

She is said to have asked where he learned to “speak to someone like that”. Prince Harry describes the question as “an aha moment”. She gave him an understanding “that we are so much a product of our upbringing”. “My wife saved me,” the prince states, adding: “I was stuck in this world and she came from another world and helped me pull myself out.” Duchess Meghan showed him that it was possible to change. She was an “extraordinary being” to whom he was “endlessly grateful” “for the wisdom and freedom she was able to give me”.

Prince Harry is still suffering from his childhood: “Since the age of 12 I was not only in a state of shock, but also in fight or flight mode,” said the prince. However, he now goes to therapy regularly: “I thought for a long time that if I went to therapy it would heal me so much that I would lose everything I had left of my mother. It was the opposite. I changed that, what I thought was sadness into the realization that she would want me to be happy.” Nevertheless, Dr. Gabor Maté made four diagnoses after Prince Harry’s TV confessions: Harry apparently suffers from ADD (attention deficit syndrome), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and persistent anxiety disorders and depression.

Prince Harry on Psychedelics: ‘Fundamental Part of My Life’

In the past, Prince Harry often suppressed feelings. Besides his wife, psychedelics also played an important role in dealing with it, reveals the royal in an interview with Dr. mate. They would have given him “a feeling of relaxation, relief, comfort” and “a lightness”. “I started doing it as a hobby and then realized how good it was for me,” said Prince Harry. He goes one step further: “I would say they are one of the fundamental parts of my life that has changed me and helped me deal with the trauma and pain of the past. They bring out so much of what we have suppressed.” Prince Harry also addresses his drug use in his book.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are set to move out of Frogmore Cottage

While Prince Harry’s revelations are attracting a lot of media interest, the royals are anything but “amused” about it. According to The Sun said to be King Charles III. shortly after the release of “Reserve” made the decision to demand that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan move out of their home in England. On March 1, a spokesman confirmed “that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been asked to vacate their residence at Frogmore Cottage”. The corresponding statement was made by Royal expert Omid Scobie, who is considered a close friend of the couple.


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