Prince Archie celebrates his birthday: there was lemon cake for the day of honor

Prince Archie celebrates birthday
For the day of honor there was lemon cake

Prince Archie turned four on May 6, 2023. But there were no official congratulations from the royal family for the son of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry on his birthday.

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While grandfather Charles was having his big coronation day, Prince Archie was turning four. There were no royal greetings from London for him.

Children’s birthday in the shadow of the coronation: Prince Archie celebrated in distant California, while his grandfather King Charles III. (74) was hailed at the coronation in Britain. For the fourth anniversary of her first child, Duchess Meghan (41) is said to have organized a “modest birthday party”, reports the Irish “Sun”. The royal family did not officially comment on Archie’s birthday.

Lemons from the garden

The Duchess of Sussex reportedly hosted a “private celebration” at her Montecito mansion. In addition, “a small group of friends and family” came. From the family environment it was said that the birthday child was able to enjoy a homemade lemon cake. The Duchess is said to have picked the fruit from her garden. It is not known whether prominent neighbors such as Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ellen DeGeneres were among the guests.

Diana picture as a dig at the royal couple?

Meghan’s friend Misan Harriman (born 1977) congratulated via Instagram – with a scene, the British media as a dig at it King Charles III and Camilla (75) interpret. Because of all things on his coronation day, the photographer chose the scene from Meghan and Harry’s Netflix documentary, in which little Archie touches a picture of his grandmother Diana (1961-1997). Charles’ first wife wears a crown on it.

William and Kate sent congratulations on their third birthday

Meanwhile, the royal family “ignored” Archie’s day of honor, as reported, among other things, by the British “Express”. On May 6th, Buckingham Palace and the royal couple of Wales only posted pictures from the coronation ceremonies. The royal family announced last year that they would no longer mention the birthdays of non-working royals. Kate (41) and William (40) had nevertheless sent congratulations to Archie on his third birthday in 2022 on their Twitter account.

Harry and Meghan have also not published any pictures or a message so far. After all, Archie was able to look forward to a very special guest: Harry rushed to the airport immediately after the coronation service to jet home with the private jet and celebrate with him. The prince was only in Britain for 28 hours.


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