Prince Andrew: Prince Charles and William as driving forces behind title withdrawal

Prince Andrew
Charles and William are said to have been the driving forces behind the stripping of the titles

Prince Andrew has had his military titles revoked.

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Prince Andrew is already feeling the consequences of the upcoming trial: All military titles will be revoked from the Royal. The driving force behind these measures is said to have been his brother and nephew.

For Prince Andrew, it is currently rock solid: After the New York judge Lewis A. Kaplan decided a few days ago to allow Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s civil suit against Prince Andrew, the support of his own family is crumbling.

On Wednesday evening, the royal family visibly moved away from the affair-affected member: “With the consent of the Queen, the Duke of York’s military affiliations and royal patronage have been returned to the Queen,” said a brief statement. Andrew will defend himself “as a private person” in the upcoming trial and will no longer take on any public royal duties.

For the 61-year-old Duke of York, this is the ultimate embarrassment: his mother distances herself from him in front of everyone. But as British media reports, the initiative apparently did not come from the Queen. The daily newspaper “Daily Mail”, citing palace insiders, writes that Prince Charles and his eldest son Prince William are said to have been the driving forces behind this measure.

Charles and William are said to have persuaded the Queen

Accordingly, the two heirs to the throne should have persuaded Queen Elizabeth II. “It’s about the survival of the monarchy at all costs,” the source is quoted as saying. This decision was made “to protect the institution from being hit by the flying shrapnel”.

Apparently the rest of the family agreed on this strict approach before Andrew appeared with his lawyer at Windsor Castle on Wednesday evening. While the Queen’s second son listened to the verdict inside, his lawyer Gary Bloxsome had to wait in the car.

Prince Andrew’s trial is expected to begin this fall. The only way to prevent this would still be an out-of-court settlement with the plaintiff Virginia Roberts Giuffre. And that could cost Prince Andrew dearly.

Source used: “Daily Mail”


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