Premier League: “Yes, absolutely”: Klopp believes in a turnaround with Liverpool

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“Yes, absolutely”: Klopp believes in a turnaround with Liverpool

Had to admit defeat with Liverpool 0: 3 at Wolverhampton Wanderers: Jürgen Klopp. photo

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The third away defeat in a row really hurts Liverpool FC. But Jürgen believes he trusts his players. The opposing fans jeer.

Despite the recent setback for Liverpool FC, Jürgen Klopp firmly believes in his team and his sporting future with the Reds.

“Yes, absolutely,” said the German coach after the 3-0 defeat at relegation-prone Wolverhampton Wanderers when asked if he still believed in his own ability to turn things around for the club. The Wanderers fans mocked the 55-year-old in the stadium on Saturday, chanting: “You’ll be released tomorrow morning.”

Eliminated from the FA Cup and League Cup, Liverpool are only tenth in the Premier League table. With one game less, they are 21 points behind leaders Arsenal and only eleven points ahead of relegation place 18. For the first time since 2012, Liverpool lost three away games in a row.

“Very frustrating, very disappointing,” said Klopp. “The start of the game was awful, absolutely awful – it was the opposite of what we wanted to do.” But he still knows how good his players can be. “I’m not losing faith in the boys, but I see where we need to improve.”


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