Postal workers’ strike: letters and parcels are left lying around again

Status: 01/26/2023 06:59 a.m

In the collective bargaining dispute with Deutsche Post, ver.di wants to increase the pressure: for today, employees in parcel and letter centers as well as in parcel, letter and group delivery nationwide have been called to strike.

The trade union ver.di has called for warning strikes this Thursday in the collective bargaining dispute with Deutsche Post. Employees in selected companies in the parcel and letter centers as well as in parcel, letter and group delivery should take part in the all-day campaigns nationwide.

The call for a strike follows strikes by postal workers last week: According to the information, around 30,000 employees took part from Thursday evening to Saturday.

Collective bargaining in early February

With reference to the high inflation, the union is demanding a wage increase of 15 percent for the employees of Deutsche Post AG with a term of the collective agreement of twelve months. The training allowances are to be increased by 200 euros per month for each year of training. Collective bargaining is scheduled to resume on February 8th and 9th.

Verdi: “Strikes are a clear sign”

“The strikes are a clear signal from our members towards employers,” said Andrea Kocsis, deputy ver.di chairwoman and negotiator in the collective bargaining conflict. In the second round of collective bargaining last week, the employers made it clear that they were neither willing nor able to compensate for the employees’ real wage losses.

The group expects a record profit of around 8.4 billion euros for 2022. “The company owes this success to the work of its employees. Against this background, our wage demands are necessary, fair and feasible.”

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