“Possible scenarios described”: Ukraine’s army chief consults with NATO commander-in-chief

Sunday April 30, 2023

“Possible Scenarios Described” Ukraine’s army chief consults with NATO supreme commander

Ukrainian army chief Valeriy Zalushnyi.

(Photo: picture alliance/dpa/Ukrainian Presidency)

While Ukraine is preparing for its expected spring offensive, its army chief Salushny is meeting with NATO’s supreme commander in Europe. It was about the situation at the front and “future actions” by Ukraine, Salushnyj said meaningfully.

Ukrainian army chief Valeriy Zalushnyy has consulted with the supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe, Christopher Cavoli. He informed the US general in detail about the situation along the fronts in Ukraine, said Zalushny Telegram with. “I have described possible scenarios, threats and prerequisites for our future actions.”

Zalushny did not specify the location of the meeting. Experts assume that Ukraine is currently preparing for a spring offensive to recapture occupied territories. During the meeting, he informed Cavoli of the need to provide Ukraine with a wide range of weapons and air defense systems that “would help meet the challenges of countering Russian aggression.”

Just ten days ago, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited Kiev for the first time since the Russian war of aggression began. Among others, he met President Volodymyr Zelenskyj and assured him further support in Ukraine’s efforts to join the military alliance. According to Stoltenberg, Zelenskyi will take part in the defense alliance summit in Lithuania on July 11-12.

Source: ntv.de

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