Possible coalition with the CDU: Groko’s plans are met with resistance within the Berlin SPD

The Berlin SPD state board wants to discuss possible coalition negotiations with the CDU. However, there is resistance to a possible grand coalition. Juso’s newcomers to the party are particularly critical.

Before the SPD state board decides to start coalition negotiations with the CDU, resistance in the Berlin SPD is growing. In particular, the youngsters of the Juso party are vehemently opposed to a grand coalition.

The CDU does not fit in with Berlin and not with the SPD, explained the Juso state chairwoman Sinem Tasan-Funke. “Anyone who agitates against migrant groups, is against affordable housing and smiles at the turnaround in traffic disqualifies himself as a coalition partner for social democracy,” said the Juso boss.

Tasan-Funke is not alone in this position in the Berlin SPD. Former Secretary of State Sawsan Chebli was also critical. The Berlin CDU is not the CDU of Angela Merkel or Daniel Günther (Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein), she wrote on Twitter. Chebli accused the CDU of distinguishing between real and non-real Germans after the New Year’s Eve riots. She wonders “how there can be a common denominator between SPD&CDU on the issue of migration.”

The former spokesman for the party left in the SPD, Mark Rackles, also warned his party on Twitter against “dwarfing” as a junior partner of the CDU. Rackles indicated that he also considers a personnel reorganization necessary: ​​”Slowly, the SPD Berlin should detach itself from Giffey’s personal sensitivities.”

Recently, there had been indications from SPD circles that SPD leader Franziska Giffey would be willing to enter into a coalition with the CDU. On Wednesday she now wants to propose this to the state executive of her party. He should then decide on the start of coalition negotiations.

Broadcast: Antenne Brandenburg, March 1st, 2023, 2:00 p.m

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