Pope Benedict XVI: He wants an afterlife soon

Pope Benedict XVI
He wishes for an afterlife soon

Wishes an afterlife soon in a letter: Pope emeritus Benedict XVI.

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Pope Benedict XVI has expressed his longing for death in a letter. His state of health is considered “physically unstable”.

Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. (94) expressed his wish for the hereafter in an oppressive letter. As the Upper Austrian Cistercian Abbey Wilhering published on its homepage, Benedikt sent condolences on the death of a former Regensburg professor. In doing so, he found drastic words about his own longing for death.

“Now he has reached the afterlife, where many friends are sure to be waiting for him,” wrote the former head of the church. And it goes on to say: “I hope that I can join them soon.” The letter, dated October 2, 2021, wasn’t published until Tuesday.

State of health is “stable in weakness”

Again and again in the recent past about the health of Pope Benedict XVI. speculates, who voluntarily resigned his office in 2013 and has since lived in a monastery in the Vatican gardens. Most recently, his private secretary Georg Gänswein (65) stated that he was “physically unstable”. However, he still has a clear head and has not lost his sense of humor. Overall, he is “stable in weakness”.


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