Pop: Justin Bieber also sells song rights

Justin Bieber is also selling song rights

Justin Bieber is set to rake in millions for the rights to his songs. photo

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Sell ​​your own rights, make a lot of money – more and more music greats are doing it that way. Now also pop star Justin Bieber. He is reportedly receiving an enormous sum.

After music stars like Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber (28) has also sold the rights to his songs. The management company Hipgnosis has acquired his song catalog, US media reported on Tuesday. Hipgnosis confirmed the purchase via Twitter.

The company is said to have paid around $200 million (about 185 million euros) – the highest such sum for a musician of Bieber’s generation. For this, Hipgnosis acquired the rights to all almost 300 songs that Bieber released by the end of 2021 – including hits like “Sorry”, “Baby” or “Peaches”.

In recent years, artists such as Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks, Neil Diamond and Tina Turner have also signed multi-million dollar rights deals.

Hipgnosis on Twitter


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