Pop and Rock in Munich: the sportiest shows for the European Championship in June 2024 – Munich

It could be an epic battle, at least in terms of length, that will surpass any football match: “Beat the Star” on Sunday, June 2nd, 8:15 p.m., on ProSieben. The critical reader may rightly ask what this reference has to do with a text about Munich pop events. Answer: a little bit. The Munich broadcaster has invited two entertainment-talented ex-footballers from Munich to the TV show (admittedly recorded in Cologne): Markus Babbel and Mehmet Scholl, both of whom once played for FC Bayern and won the European Championships with the German national team in 1996 – a funny way of putting their friendship to the test twelve days before the start of the European Championships with 100,000 Euro prize money.

Oh yes, what is going on in pop? After all, Mehmet Scholl is not just a friend (and almost intern) of the band Sport friends Stillerbut also a proven Brit and indie rock expert. At least the master of the loose tongue, unlike his role as an ARD football expert, has not had to publicly take issue with any overly thoughtless remarks on his Bayern 2 show “Mehmets Schollplatten” together with Achim Bogdahn for twelve years until 2021. And his four expert CD compilations are still fine testimonies of past pop eras – in 2004 on “Vor dem Spiel ist nach dem Spiel 1” for example, he presented “Yellow”, the first hit by Coldplay (this year on 15, 17 and 18 August in the Olympic Stadium), “One With The Freaks” by the local scene stars The Notwist opposite.

Can he build on past glories? Record label boss Mehmet Scholl, pictured here in the former FC Bayern Munich players’ changing room in the Olympic Stadium. (Photo: Natalie Neomi Isser)

Champions League winner Scholl is also as well-connected in pop as a local league groundskeeper. He is involved in the Munich label Millaphon, which releases the records of Munich pop royalty from Ringlstetter, to Balloon Pilot to Henny Herz. And also that of the unique Angela Aux, half Chancellor, half audio input jack. This strangely hybrid alter ego of the singer-songwriter, conceptual artist, performance lyricist and political scientist Flo Kreier can be admired on Thursday, May 30th, on the stage of the Volkstheater. His program “Space Is The Place” is also about the human longing to leave the planet – something that non-football fans can already understand before the European Championships.

Scholl’s partner at Millaphon, film music professor Gerd Baumann, is trying to create a fusion of football and orchestral music: With his anti-folklore ensemble Three-quarter blood On 12 June he will be kicking off the big evening “You’ll Never Play Alone” at the Isarphilharmonie. Together with the Munich Symphony Orchestra and the Big Band Pestalozzi Brass & String The aim is to “celebrate football with well-known anthems”, although the cinematic 3/4 classic “Sturm” is not about footballers like Thomas Müller.

Munich’s most powerful singing group: the Bud Spencer Heart Choir. (Photo: Bud Spencer Heart Choir)

Baumann offers a football-free alternative programme to the European Championship in his pop club Milla (in which not Scholl, but Peter Brugger from the Sportfreunde is involved): Here, on 12 June, you can, for example, listen to the indie pop stars Teenage Dads from Melbourne (they have a funny “Knights of the Coconut”-like video for “Tale of a Man”); on June 22nd about the couple Addie Nicole and Bradley Amick, who have been viewed millions of times, Halocene Heavy Metal with Harry Styles and Britney Spears mixed in a curious and virtuoso way; or on 27 June via the Bud Spencer Heart ChoirMunich’s most powerful singing group, which belted out the music from all the Buddy films at the Bud Spencer/Terence Hill reunion in front of 4,500 guests. With such a fan choir, you would have no need to fear any opponent.

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