“Polizeiruf 110: Funkensommer”: Burnt corpse and love frenzy

“Polizeiruf 110: Funkensommer”
Burnt corpse and love frenzy

Chief Inspector Cris Blohm (Johanna Wokalek) and her colleague Dennis Eden (Stephan Zinner) in “Polizeiruf 110: Funkensommer”.

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In “Polizeiruf 110: Funkensommer” Cris Blohm and Dennis Eden want to clarify the fate of a burned body. Is the Munich crime thriller worth watching?

The investigative team Cris Blohm (Johanna Wokalek, 49) and Dennis Eden (Stephan Zinner, 49) are taking on the last Sunday crime thriller before the summer break. Their second case leads the Munich detectives to a charred corpse. In the new “Polizeiruf 110: Funkensommer” (May 26th at 8:15 p.m. on Das Erste), the two not only have to deal with a burning house and one of the most influential families in Munich, but also with burning hearts and very big feelings. Cris Blohm almost burns his fingers – in both senses of the word.

This is what “Polizeiruf 110: Funkensommer” is about

Cris Blohm and Dennis Eden are faced with a particularly unsavory corpse: a burned woman (Veronica Santos Ruiz) lies in a former administrative building. The fire was probably caused by a defective oven, as fire investigator Hannes Senoner, played by Golo Euler (41), explains to the two. Identifying the dead woman initially proves difficult, as no one claims to have known her. But Senoner immediately suspects arson and is determined to solve the problem together with Blohm and Eden.

This is not only very challenging for investigative reasons: Eden and Senoner cannot stand each other because of a shared experience in the past. But there is a great chemistry between Blohm and the attractive and sensitive fire expert. The two also become closer outside of the investigation. A relationship actually develops within a very short time.

The three investigators quickly focus their investigations on the Hechtle company, to which the empty administration building belongs. The car rental company is run by one of the most prestigious families in Munich – and they have wanted to get rid of their old building for a long time. The choleric outbursts of the junior boss (Frederic Linkemann, 43) and the senile tendencies of the senior (Johann Schuler, 66), who suffers from dementia, do not necessarily cast the Hechtles in the best light.

But the security guard Andreas Busch (Gerhard Wittmann, 60) also comes under suspicion and becomes more and more entangled in a construct of lies. When the supposed arsonist finally becomes a victim himself, the investigation comes to a standstill.

Is it worth turning on?

Yes. Even if the crime thriller threatens to lose itself in sentimentality and unnecessary details at the end, “Summer of Sparks” finally gets back on track and delivers a finale that is not surprising but nevertheless brilliant. Johanna Wokalek is unusually approachable as Cris Blohm. The impressively staged visualizations of her thoughts make it possible to put yourself in the investigator’s shoes and understand her actions. Together with Golo Euler, she also delivers beautiful scenes from the idyllic surroundings of Munich. Director Alexander Adolph (58) succeeds in creating an almost perfect connection between the gloomy images that the discovery of a burned body brings with it and the cheerful mood in summery Bavaria. The motif of fire runs like a thread through the entire crime thriller – sometimes as a metaphor for destruction and death, sometimes as a sign of fiery feelings.

In addition to the extremely charming Golo Euler, Gerhard Wittmann is particularly convincing in the tragic role of the lovestruck and unstable security guard. The loneliness of the conscientious Mr. Busch, who only has his cat, almost jumps over to the viewer. When the house of lies collapses over his head, you no longer know who to believe. Adolph, who also wrote the screenplay, sums it up well in his statement about the episode: “‘Summer of Sparks’ tells of the manifold interpretations of what is called truth.”

The station is ringing in its summer break with “Polizeiruf 110: Funkensommer”. In the coming weeks, sports and Sunday crime series repeats will be shown on the usual time slot. The first new “Tatort” or “Polizeiruf 110” will be broadcast on August 18th.


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