police shoot at vehicle, two dead

The police tried to control a vehicle parked near the Pont Neuf on Sunday evening in Paris. The driver would then have started hastily towards the police who replied.

Two people were killed on Sunday evening in Paris after a vehicle drove into police, it has been learned Le Figaro from a police source. The facts took place on the Pont-Neuf, in the center of the capital, shortly before midnight. According to the first elements collected, according to this same police source, the vehicle was traveling in the wrong direction when the police wanted to control it. “Endangerments”, the police used their weapons, added the police source. The two people killed are the occupants of the vehicle. The driver is believed to be among those who died. A third passenger was injured and taken to hospital.

“A car was parked in the wrong direction along the Vert-Galant square on the Pont-Neuf, the police approached to control the individuals present in the vehicle by pointing automatic weapons at him. The driver rushed off towards the police at full speed. The police fired immediately“, indicated to the Figaro a witness heard by the police.

The police enforce a security perimeter at the level of the Pont-Neuf and the Quai des Orfèvres. An investigation is underway, the magistrate is moving to the scene, said a police source. The IGPN has been seized.

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