Police in Paris shoot at vehicle

An incident occurred in Paris on the evening of the presidential election: a car apparently drove towards police officers who wanted to check it. They shot the occupants.

Police officers shot at a car that was said to have tried to ram them in the center of the French capital Paris. Two occupants of the vehicle were killed and a third injured, as the AFP news agency learned from police circles on Monday night.

Accordingly, the officers wanted to control the car because it was driving in the wrong direction on the Pont-Neuf bridge. Instead of stopping, the driver is said to have approached the police officers.

The Pont Neuf is located near the famous Louvre Museum. Numerous supporters of President Emmanuel Macron celebrated his re-election in the French capital on Sunday evening. Macron spoke to them at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, a few minutes’ drive from the bridge.

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