Police custody, narcotics, intentional homicides, rape of a minor… Justice reveals its figures in 2021

In terms of news items, Marseille and its belt are, alas, very often unfavorably described. The report on legal activity in 2021 delivered this Friday morning by the court and the prosecution echoes this reality and has made it possible to highlight certain points.

Thus, the city has experienced a bloody series of settling of scores under the background of drug trafficking. The court naturally recorded an increase in this criminal activity. The latter was seized of 149 intentional homicides and attempted intentional homicides in the department (compared to 106 in 2019). Among them, thirty-six murders took place in Marseille and are directly linked to the organized crime of drug trafficking. The public prosecutor, Dominique Laurens, also regretted “not being able to collectively break this vision of easy money”. “A myth” which attracts more and more very young minors from other French regions who come to “jobber” in Marseille.

31% of immediate appearances for narcotics cases

The prevalence of narcotics in Marseille crime and delinquency illustrated by the high rate of hearings in immediate appearance on this subject: 31% of the 2,331 proceedings of this type, which places this offense at the top of the hearings (ahead of attacks on persons , 28%). Also noteworthy in the same category, the 8% of immediate appearances for attacks on the authority of the State.

The magistrates also noted a worrying increase in the number of rapes of minors, rising from 161 in 2019 to 275 in 2021. very recently, the news gave us a tragic example. This while in the figures, armed robberies are falling quite sharply, from 215 in 2019 to 116 the past year.

A slightly reduced delay

Finally, in the area of ​​good news, the court was able to count a slight increase in its staff and now has 118 magistrates. If this is still insufficient, “the curve is in the right direction”, welcomed Olivier Leurant, president of the judicial court. The 398 clerks and clerks also remain insufficient in number to satisfy all the court’s activity. “This represents 44.95% of the workforce, when jurisdictions like Lyon or Bobigny are more than 50%”, explained Jean-Marc Arnaud, director of the registry. The year 2021, however, made it possible to absorb part of the delay accumulated in 2020, in particular due to the Covid-19 epidemic in France, and to “return to a level of business stock identical to that of the end of 2019”.

Finally, just over 20,000 police custody took place in 2021, all causes combined. The sentence enforcement office collected a fine of 390,000 euros. 175 firearms were taken out of circulation in Marseille and the equivalent of 38 million euros in property was seized.

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