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With Lassie, it was easy. If a Rough Collie dropped out of the series, the next Rough Collie came. Charly Hübner is not Lassie. Since she was in Rostock Police call 110 in three fantastic last episodes Huebners Investigator figure Sascha Bukow very slowly headed for a showdown with weeping and gnashing of teeth and then let this Bukow ride out of town as a desperado in a pickup truck, there is a certain emptiness in the Rostock saloon.

The emptiness after Bukow is particularly evident in the life of profiler Katrin König (Anneke Kim Sarnau). Bukow and you wanted to get married. Striking: Also in Dortmund crime scene Bönisch and Faber suddenly fell in love, shortly before Bönisch died; Hobby profilers would speak of a pattern, others would say that love lasts or not. So Katrin König now has a very nice scene in which she tries kneading sourdough in the morning as a relaxation technique, and then it becomes an emotional martial art with rye batter.

The thriller is oppressive and strong – even without the Bukow story

In the new episode, a single mother lies stabbed to death in her kitchen and her son lies dead in bed in the annex of the house because no one changed his catheter, the almost completely paralyzed teenager. The title of this episode is seriously “You Can’t Choose Your Family” and that’s either a bloody bitter truth here – or an inside joke. In fact, Max soon becomes a suspect in the murder case. The foster son of friends of the Genth family has a double family burden: He belongs to a mafia clan and he is in the Genths’ witness protection program. On the bright side, this concerns the Bukow family’s successor. Together with Katrin König, the NDR has announced that Bukow’s half-sister Melly Böwe will investigate in the future – played by Lina Beckmann, who is married to Charly Hübner. It has to be brought into play now.

Among sourdough friends: The screenwriter Florian Oeller (who also wrote two of the final Bukow cases) and director Stefan Krohmer got it baked pretty well. The criminal case in this transitional sequence is oppressive and strong and stands for itself even without the Bukow story. Melly Böwe comes along almost casually, the Bochum detective is witness protection supervisor for Max and is just baking muffins at home (relaxation technique?) before she gets stuck in her Twingo and drives to Rostock.

Lina Beckman, who is still more of a theater actress than a television actress, is an instant delight to watch. She has an unusual use of her body in completely ordinary situations, which can already be seen in the great film Do you sometimes feel burned out and empty? from Lola Randl was able to marvel at, in which she happily rushed back and forth between her film-and-otherwise-husband Hübner and lover Benno Fürmann. in the police call She gets out of the small car, takes command, says to the stunned Katrin König: “I understand why you’re reacting like this now,” and looks at her kindly but heartlessly: “Don’t take it personally.” end of announcement. Amazing, at that moment you can hear Bukow speaking.

The first, Sunday, 8:15 p.m.

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