“Police Call 110: The God of Bankruptcy”: Who is behind police officer Karl Rogov?

“Police Call 110: The God of Bankruptcy”
Who is behind policeman Karl Rogov?

“Police Call 110: The God of Bankruptcy”: Police officer Karl Rogov (Frank Leo Schröder) works at the local police station.

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In “Police Call 110: The God of Bankruptcy” Vincent Ross gets support from Karl Rogov. But how do you know the actor?

In the new “Police Call 110: The God of Bankruptcy” (February 5, the first) Vincent Ross (André Kaczmarczyk, 37) has to cope for the first time without Adam Raczek alias Lucas Gregorowicz (46). Because he wrote his last thriller in December. The chief inspector gets help in the current “Polizeiruf 110” from the policeman Karl Rogov, who was the first to find the body. This is embodied by Frank Leo Schröder (62). But how do you know the actor?

Some TV thrillers under his belt

Frank Leo Schröder was born in Lingen, Ems, in 1961. After studying at the University of Music and Theater in Hanover, he began to be on stage at the Staatstheater Darmstadt. In the mid-1990s he had an engagement at the Staatstheater Mainz. However, Schröder not only made a name for himself as an actor, he is also a regular director. Among other things, he staged the play “Woodstock” or 2017 “Rio Reiser – König von Deutschland”, for which he also received the Friedrich-Luft-Prize.

Schröder was regularly seen on television from the mid-1990s. He had guest appearances in series such as “In All Friendship”, “Alarm for Cobra 11” or “Großstadtrevier”. In Anke Engelke’s (57) sitcom “Anke” he embodied the choleric superior – which made him known throughout Germany. In the series “Der Heiland auf dem Eiland” he played the role of the mayor alongside Jürgen von der Lippe (74) from 2004. Schröder also occasionally took on engagements in the “crime scene”. He was last seen in 2018 in Berlin’s “Tatort: ​​Animals of the Big City”. Schröder was also part of the cast in formats such as the “Heiter bis Toten” series or “Hubert and Staller”.


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