Polar bears: Hamburg Zoo Hagenbeck is happy about sweet offspring

Watch the video: Cute polar bear offspring in Hagenbeck Zoo.

Button eyes explore the world at Hagenbeck Zoo. Protected by his mother Victoria, the little polar bear is still a little shy in front of the camera, a good four months after his birth on December 19th. At Hagenbeck, the youngsters are causing enthusiasm. The last time a polar bear was born in the Hamburg Zoo was in 2002 – and that was Victoria herself. According to the zoo, the polar bear lady has coped well with her first motherhood so far. The first days after birth, when the babies are almost naked, blind and deaf, are considered to be particularly critical for the endangered inhabitants of the northern polar region. Mother and child have spent the last few months in a den, protected from outside looks. From now on, zoo visitors will only be able to marvel at the still nameless young animal via a monitor. It is not yet clear when the little polar bear will be allowed to explore the “Eismeer” landscape in Hagenbeck Zoo.

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