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Status: 01/13/2022 8:57 a.m.

Suppose there is an Olympic boycott. Will China then change its authoritarian policies? Or are athletes being deprived of their medals? A thought experiment.

The Winter Olympics in China will begin in around three weeks. They are controversial because there is a lot of criticism that China violates human rights, suppresses minorities and critics – and the country is also accused of an authoritarian, aggressive foreign policy.

Several countries have therefore announced that they will not send diplomats and politicians to Beijing. These include, for example, the USA and Great Britain.

What happened if…

What if the Olympic Games in Beijing were boycotted by numerous countries and if not only diplomats stayed away, but also athletes? How would Chinese politicians likely react to this? How much money would the sponsors lose? And what would happen to the careers of German athletes?

The two correspondents answer these questions Vera Wolf Fight and Markus Sambale from the ARD capital studio in Berlin and look for the future podcast of daily News together with experts for answers.

Olympic boycott? So what?

13.1.2022 5:00 a.m.

Thought experiments in the Tagesschau podcast

“sometimes accepted” is the award-winning * future podcast of the daily News. Every two weeks a team of six correspondents thinks from the ARD capital studio in Berlin a current political idea into the future and plays through the possible consequences in a thought experiment: Let’s assume that Germany would no longer export weapons – what would the political consequences be? Or suppose that cash would be abolished – what effects would that have on our everyday lives and the economy?

Numerous experts help to find answers to these questions, positive examples from other countries show what is already possible elsewhere today and thus provide new impulses in political debates.

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