Podcast “important today”: presenter Visa Vie has Long Covid – mid-30s and terminally ill

Podcast “important today”
Mid-30s and terminally ill: Presenter Visa Vie has Long Covid

Long Covid patient Charlotte Mellahn: “Chills from Hell”.

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“A part of what I was is gone and I can’t take it back,” says Charlotte Mellahn, known to most as Visa Vie. The presenter suffers from Long Covid – with chronic heart muscle inflammation and diabetes.

Just as the world faced this new type of virus at the beginning – unprepared, ignorant, overwhelmed – it is now facing the consequences of a corona disease: “Long Covid”. Shortness of breath, exhaustion, anxiety, difficulty concentrating. The list of symptoms is long, but we still don’t understand where they come from. “My hands felt as if I had just touched the snow, the burning in my throat was so extreme, the chills came straight from hell,” is how presenter and podcaster Charlotte Mellahn, alias Visa Vie, describes the symptoms of her corona disease the 407th episode of the podcast “important today”.

“I got sick and never got better”

Charlotte Mellahn is in her mid-30s, has been in front of the camera for as long as she can remember, and has published successful podcasts with “The Last Interview” and “Weird Crimes”. About a year ago she was infected with Covid-19. Today she has made around 80 visits to the doctor and hospital, swallowed around 1,500 pills and, as of now, has at least three incurable complications, including chronic heart muscle inflammation and diabetes. Since suffering from Long Covid, she hasn’t done a single live moderation. She can no longer work as a DJane either, she lacks the strength to do so. “I got sick and never got better,” says Charlotte Mellahn.

For the healthy part of the population, Corona has become a minor matter in recent months. And Charlotte Mellahn would also like nothing more than that the topic would no longer exist for all of us. However, the presenter can only shake her head at the fact that many measures such as the obligation to wear a mask or to isolate are no longer required: “My infection has made me a risk patient.” This also means that she is currently avoiding crowded places and has to withdraw: “Now that winter is coming, I haven’t left the house for nine days.”

Long-Covid “is not a pipe dream”

Charlotte Mellahn says on “today important” that she is confronted every day with people playing down Corona, even denying it. This makes her angry. “But I also try to catalyze this anger in other ways by educating, sharing stories and putting a face to the disease.” The moderator also had to fight on the way to her diagnosis – that she was believed and that she was examined at all. Because many who suffer from long-Covid symptoms are quickly pushed into the psychosomatic corner. “But that’s not a pipe dream,” says Charlotte Mellahn.

Today she knows that if she had continued to exercise with her myocarditis, she could have died. Many wanted to see the heart muscle inflammation as a consequence of their vaccination, she says. Her symptoms started months after the vaccination but immediately with the Covid disease. “There’s still so much catching up to do medically. This virus does things to people that we didn’t know about before.” Charlotte Mellahn advises other people affected: “You have to listen to your own body, you can’t let yourself be turned away.”

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