Podcast “important today”: Mr. Scholz, release the weapons!

“Important Today”
Mr. Scholz, release your weapons!

Chancellor Olaf Scholz

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Canada delivers, the USA does too, and Germany? Still unsure. What makes Olaf Scholz hesitate when it comes to supporting Ukraine with heavy weapons. Can’t or won’t? armaments expert Dr. Max Mutschler explains.

While other countries, such as the Netherlands and the US, have already made a decision, Chancellor Olaf Scholz is still mulling over whether and to what extent Germany will supply heavy weapons to Ukraine – much to the displeasure of many other countries. In his own government, the prevailing view is that Ukraine’s wishes must be met. And also the armaments expert Dr. Max Mutschler says in the 258th episode of “Today Important”: “It is more important that Ukraine has the weapon systems than the Bundeswehr.” After all, Ukraine’s goal is to win or lose a war, Mutschler said. He therefore has less understanding for Chancellor Scholz, who repeatedly defends his line by saying that these arms deliveries would also pose a risk for Germany. Although Scholz made one billion euros available to Ukraine so that it could buy weapons directly from the armaments companies, such a process will take some time. Conflict researcher Mutschler is therefore certain that it would have been better “if we had had the debate four weeks ago”, because then “we could already be much further along.”

Michael Abdollahi

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Podcast “important today”

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The Queen turns 96!

She owns all swans, sturgeon, whales and dolphins around the UK – by law. She also has a truck driver’s license and she is 96 years old today. Of course, Elizabeth Alexandra May Windsor, Elizabeth II for short, is of course even shorter: the Queen! But she won’t celebrate big, explains Royals expert Michael Begasse. Because even if she was mentally extremely fit and she wouldn’t miss anything, she was physically ailing recently. Therefore, the following applies on this day: take it easy. Because the really big party won’t come until June anyway. The Queen is celebrating her “Platinum Jubilee”, 70 years on the British throne.

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