Podcast important today: is compulsory vaccination our last chance?

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Ways out of the corona crisis: is compulsory vaccination our last chance?

Oliver Pieper, lawyer and researcher at the University of Jena

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Compulsory vaccination: yes or no? A new forsa study by RTL and ntv shows: The mood has changed, 69 percent are in favor of general vaccination. But what could this look like and what are the legal framework conditions?

Historically, there are already several models for mandatory vaccination, including in Germany. The stern editor Kerstin Herrnkind finds it all the worse, as history is just repeating itself: “Even then there were anti-vaccination opponents, most of them in Saxony. And it was then as it is today: Many people were vaccinated, but unfortunately not enough.” The example of smallpox shows that compulsory vaccination can work: The disease is considered to be eradicated in Germany. For a long time there was also compulsory vaccination for polio – we no longer have any problems with that in Germany. “You have to look at how smallpox and polio were defeated. Then you know that in the end, unfortunately, only duty helps,” said Mr.Kind.

The Basic Law makes vaccination compulsory

The last two mandatory vaccinations were a long time ago – would a corona vaccination be legally possible nowadays? Oliver Pieper, lawyer and researcher at the University of Jena, says: Yes. “No constitutional amendment is required for mandatory vaccination. Basic rights could be restricted by law. The only question that remains open is whether mandatory vaccination is proportionate or not.” Due to the good effectiveness and tolerance, this cut into the physical integrity would be greatly reduced, according to Pieper. Because: A mandatory vaccination is not always a mandatory vaccination. “A compulsory vaccination would not be proportionate in Germany. The legislature would have to find an alternative to enforce compulsory vaccination. That could be a fine, for example.”

Michel Abdollahi

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A compulsory vaccination is no longer politically excluded

Given the current situation, compulsory vaccination is now also politically conceivable – although it has so far been vehemently ruled out. But the intensive care units are full and the German health system threatens to reach its limits. The new traffic light coalition has so far only been vague about compulsory vaccination – but does not want to rule it out either. “Even the FDP no longer defends itself against compulsory vaccination, because it is quite foreseeable that the problem will not be dealt with in any other way,” says stern editor Jan Rosenkranz, classifying the political situation in the podcast as “important today”. “The traffic light also wants to think about other measures, because compulsory vaccination must also go hand in hand with the possibility of being vaccinated at all. You have to be well prepared for this and develop capacities.”

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