Podcast “important today”: How queer is the traffic light program?

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Queer and trans* people – the hard way to acceptance

Sometimes exhausting: rainbow flag at the Pride in Belgrade last summer.

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Queer candidates in TV shows, queer-friendly laws in the coalition agreement, queer officers in companies. Has queer life made it into the middle of society?

“Queerness is now perceived as a trending topic,” says queer and trans* activist Phenix Kühnert. Phenix changed her name at the age of 20 and opted for hormone therapy, since then she has been fighting for the rights of people in the LGBTQIA+ community. February is “Queer History Month” in Great Britain – that’s why Phenix talks to “Today Important” host Michel Abdollahi in episode 201 about the representation of queer people on television.

What is that: queer?

“Queer is a collective term for people whose gender identity and/or sexual orientation (whom they desire or how they love) does not conform to the heteronormative norm. […] As a collective term, the word is very open and offers many people an opportunity to identify with it.”

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Queer people are often present right now

They are relatively well represented there at the moment, which Phenix sees ambiguously: “Representation in the media is incredibly important,” she says, and when she was young, she would have wished for more of it. On the other hand, there are phenomena such as so-called “queerbaiting” or “pinkwashing”: When queer realities of life and symbolism are only used to earn money. Based on the terminology of greenwashing. She is also a little skeptical about the coalition agreement. It contains some legal improvements for queer people, however: “It’s just a coalition agreement, nothing has been implemented yet.” It remains to be hoped that queerness in the media and politics is more than just a “trendy topic”.

New Green tip before big tasks

The Greens have a new leadership. At the party congress, 75.93 percent voted for Ricarda Lang and 82.58 percent for Omid Nouripour. The two inherit Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, who now head ministries in the federal government. But the newcomers won’t have it easy. On the one hand they belong to the traffic light government and on the other hand they have to defend the compromises that are made in a government in front of the party base. This is still not very happy that the Ministry of Transport has gone to the FDP and the speed limit does not come at all. Political journalist Philip Scupin explains who the newcomers are and what their election means for the party’s course.

Michael Abdollahi

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