Plants and sex, what a story!

Plants and sex, what a long story, since they are at least 470 million years old, when our species Homo Sapiens appeared about 300,000 years ago! Plants slowly evolved, their modes of reproduction perfected. Champions of adaptation, they have discovered new environments, become partners with many animals, including pollinators…

A creative, unique history of plants

Between vegetal pleasure, organic eccentricity, floral orgy, deception, there are 1,001 stories to tell about plants and their sexuality. This is what Joanne Anton, Belgian artist and illustrator passionate about botany, describes. Joanne Anton is the author of Sexus Botanicus (Arthaud, 2022). In this episode “Minute Papillon! Joanne Anton will describe the flamboyant sexuality of plants, their secrets and their ingenuity.

Why is sexuality essential to plants? Why do flowers represent a revolution in the history of plant sexuality? What partnership between plants and animals, including pollinators or monkeys? Why is the tomato so special? Why are flowers “polyamorous”? How have some plants adapted to fire? These are some of the questions from this interview to listen to for free above.

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