Planted (twice) by Mahrez, Paris fails at the gates of the final

The Parisians did not score a single goal for City on Wednesday night. – Dave Thompson / AP / SIPA

  • Paris lost 2-0 Wednesday night in the semi-final second leg of the Champions League at the Etihad Stadium.
  • The Parisians believed the feat possible until the second fatal goal of Ryiad Mahrez, author of three pawns in two games against Paris.

The exploit did not take place. Deprived of Kylian Mbappé, on the bench at kickoff, PSG lost (2-0) on the lawn of City, Wednesday evening, in the semi-final second leg of the Champions League. In the match at the break despite Mahrez’s opener, Paris gave up when the ex-Leicester took the break after returning from the locker room.

City, cold and realistic. The reason giving way to the irrational, even to superstitions, when the hour of the semifinals of C1 comes, we thought we saw a sign when we saw Manchester under the hailstones on Wednesday evening, similar to the fight under the snow of Munich the month latest. Instead, the Parisians tasted the cold realism Citizen, which had however bundled them up in Bavaria. An error of placement of Florenzi on a long ball from Ederson, a strike countered by De Bruyne and Mahrez, the kid from Sarcelles, planted Paris from the outset (10th). The Parisians, dominating in the first round, would have deserved to score a goal, that of hope, but the bar, on the head of Marqui ‘, and bad luck, on this shot from Di Maria who grazed the empty goal of ‘Ederson, decided otherwise.

The Ney was not there. Half-pointed glass enthusiasts will tell you that at that time, the equation was not that different since Paris had to score twice again and again in order to hope to dream a little longer. Too bad in this case that Neymar, who swore on his mother’s head that he would leave his guts on the lawn, decided to do everything alone, even if it meant playing with his head in the handlebars. It is also a pity that City has maliciously chosen to imitate PSG in its strategy, which has paid off so far in previous rounds, of “I am waiting for you and I will plant you against”. The one who led to the 2-0 goal (from Mahrez, again him… 63rd) is a textbook case.

Once past this pawn, it was move around there is nothing more to see. The Parisians have completely let go of the matter, as one leaves a cinema halfway through a bad French comedy. Angel Di Maria’s red card for an ugly gesture on Fernandinho’s ankle, ultimately remaining quite anecdotal, although symbolic of the dirty evening experienced by Mauricio Pochettino’s men in the north of England.

You miss only one being … Looking back, we can’t help but curse these filthy muscle fibers that decided to let go of Mbappé and his calf at the worst possible time of the season. Already affected in the first leg, Kyky watched his pals from the Etihad sidelines on Wednesday. For the offensive result we know. Because, without wanting to disrespect Mauro Icardi, the king of asados, ghostly in City, is light years from Bondy’s crackito. To say that this is perhaps the last time we saw him in C1 under the Parisian jersey …

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