Plans to overthrow rich citizens: it would be a mistake to smile


Status: 12/07/2022 8:42 p.m

It is legitimate to be skeptical and to demonstrate against politics. But if people want to abolish the rule of law that makes all this possible in the first place, the answer must be clear.

A comment by Michael Götschenberg, ARD capital studio

A coup? With 50 people? Eliminate the political order of the Federal Republic? You could say they’re weirdos, and book the whole topic under jokes. Of course: this group was miles away from eliminating the political system in our country. It was not a quarter to twelve, the attempted coup was not imminent. But anyone who just smiles at all this is making a mistake.

Yes, Reich citizens are cranks – what else should one think of people who claim that the state of the Federal Republic of Germany does not really exist. But if Reich citizens have weapons, they are extremely dangerous – men from this scene have opened fire on police officers twice in recent years.

Abolition of the state as a goal

The remarkable thing about this group is its composition: Reich citizens meet people from the so-called middle of society – lawyers, doctors, as well as eccentric esotericists and former soldiers with access to weapons. Some of the actors in this group have already been seen as agitators at Corona protest events. The depressing thing is that these people ultimately have one thing in common: skepticism about this state has resulted in the decision to abolish it.

It’s legitimate to be skeptical. It is also legitimate to demonstrate against corona measures or high energy prices. But there can only be one answer to people who want to abolish the rule of law that makes this possible for them: the rule of law must oppose these people with all its might. He did that today.

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