Pierre de Gaulle: an assumed pro-Russian

According to Pierre de Gaulle, “It is from the war between Napoleon and the Russians that our decadence dates.” Dmitry Orlov/TASS/Sipa USA/SIPA

PORTRAIT – The General’s grandson regrets that France is aligning itself with the United States and NATO in the Ukrainian conflict. In the name of historic friendship with Russia and of Gaullist thought, he proclaims it loud and clear.

One de Gaulle can hide another. We know that of June 1940, minus that of June 2022. Like his grandfather, to whom he readily refers, Pierre de Gaulle, fourth son of Admiral Philippe de Gaulleclaims to be a “man of refusal”. The refusal of a Russian-Ukrainian war, which he considers fomented by the United States and contrary to the interests of France.

At odds with the almost unanimous position of Westerners defending Ukraine invaded by an aggressor violating all the rules of international law, he expressed this iconoclastic opinion in a speech delivered on June 14 at the Russian Embassy, ​​on the occasion of the National Day of the Federation. What has stung this adviser in strategy and corporate finance, holder of a master’s degree from HEC and Swiss resident, so that he launches out at the age of 59 in a controversy where there are only blows to take?

Russia was seen by my grandfather as the indispensable reverse ally because it participated in his conception of the balance of Europe

Pierre de Gaulle

“I felt it was my duty to establish the truth as the heir of General

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