Pidi, the bubbly youtuber who made her dream of being a singer come true (and breaks the internet)

Rennes: Pidi, the youtubeuse who dreamed of being a singer – 20 minutes

  • The YouTuber Pidi gave up everything a year ago to settle in Rennes with her boyfriend Valouzz, also YouTuber, and live off his passion.
  • For two years, she has published cooking videos but also beauty and fashion videos, and tells her life story to more than a million subscribers.
  • She has just released a clip called “It’ll be okay” which already has more than ten million views.

In her videos, she talks a lot, seems pretty sure of herself, displays a permanent smile and mischief in her sparkling eyes. When we met Pidi “in real life” she made the same impression on us. From the height of her 26 spring, the young woman saw her life change in a few months when her boyfriend created her a YouTube channel. It was less than two years ago. Since then, Pidi has quit her job as an executive assistant, moved twice and above all seduced more than a million people who now follow her on YouTube. Landed in Rennes last year after having lived all her youth near Lille, the one who also calls herself Meg has become one of the most prominent influencers. The release of his clip less than a month ago ended his last doubts. Pidi is a “real” YouTuber and she loves it.

To get started on the Internet, Pidi took advantage of a nice push. Because whoever registered it on YouTube had already carved out a solid reputation there. Video game enthusiast, Valentine, alias Valouzz, already had two million subscribers when he created the channel of the one whose life he has shared for more than ten years. “I have always followed him. When he left for London, I followed him. When he returned to Paris, I followed him. So when he woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me he wanted to create a YouTube channel for me, I followed him ”. At this time, Pidi is only followed by a handful of people on her Instagram account where she already shares some cooking recipes and tells her little life to whoever wants to hear it.

“I quit my job and I’m delighted”

Well helped by the “Croûton team” of which her boyfriend is part, Pidi quickly made a place for himself in the happy world of YouTubers. Close to the very influential LeBouseuh or Doc Jazy, five million followers between them, the couple headed for Rennes a year ago, just before confinement. This is where Pidi gave up everything to devote himself to his new job: influencing. “I felt very fulfilled and I saw that I was more and more followed. There were more and more brands asking me to work with them. I quit my job and I’m delighted ”.

The couple of youtubers Valouzz and Pidi has nearly four million subscribers between them. – Pidimeg / Instagram

Far from being a queen of the kitchen, Pidi has already scratched a few classics of French gastronomy such as the traditional galette-sausage from the country of Rennes, or the famous welsh from his native North. But she doesn’t care. “I know I’m not the best at cooking. What I want is to keep the good vibes. All the people who know me say: Pidi, it’s a ray of sunshine. In my videos, I am like in life. I am in a good mood, genuine. I don’t ask myself too many questions ”. At the end of the year, she did not hesitate to contact Kikesa, a producer well known for having accompanied famous YouTubers in the making of their first clip. But unlike Michou or LeBouseuh, Pidi was lucky enough to know how to sing. “I’ve been singing since I was little. It was a dream for me ”.

“My mom is my whole life. I owe him everything ”

In one month, the clip of It will be fine has already stacked
over ten million views on YouTube and close to two million on Spotify. Enough to make many seasoned musicians pale. Especially a great success for this talkative and mature young woman. A temperament that she forged in her youth spent in Pérenchies, a stone’s throw from Lille, where her mother raised her alone with her three brothers and sisters. “My mom is my whole life. She’s the one who gave me strength and I owe her everything. I don’t forget where I come from at all, ”concludes the young woman.

Well launched in music, Pidi already has other pieces in mind. Always in the “good vibes” and both feet on the ground. “I am spontaneous, I do not want to change or hide behind artifices”. For Pidi, we don’t have to worry. It will be fine.

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