Philippe Diallo evokes an “extremely unfavorable” contract at the FFF

Will the French football team remain linked to the Stade de France beyond 2024? Philippe Diallo, president of the French Football Federation “is not considering anything” for the moment. But he is certain: “the current contract with the Stade de France is extremely unfavorable” to the FFF and the latter intends to want to “get out of this situation”. The current contract between the FFF and the Stade de France consortium, which runs until 2024, provides for the organization of at least four Les Bleus meetings per year for an estimated rental cost of around 8 million euros in total. .

The State has meanwhile launched two calls for tenders for the sale and concession of the enclosure, with the date of delivery of the “folds” April 27 at 12:00 p.m., according to documents consulted by AFP. The offers submitted, both for the transfer and for a concession, will be studied in 2024, for a probable award in 2025.

No solution without the FFF and the FFR

“I will wait to see the exact specifications for the concessions or for the sale to say more. But I think that there is no viable solution without the two major football and rugby federations being part of these projects in one way or another, ”explained Philippe Diallo on Saturday, when questioned. on the positioning of the French Football Federation in the procedure set up by the State. The boss of 3F also believes that “all this should be settled within the next 6 months”.

“This is what guides me, with the concern that we get out of a situation where for years, the French Football Federation has been penalized by the contractual conditions made to it,” he added.

The Stade de France “would be worth between 400 and 600 million euros”

According to a source familiar with the matter, the Stade de France would be worth “between 400 and 600 million euros”. If the State has given no price indication since the launch of the procedure, the stadium is valued at 647 million (gross value) under tangible fixed assets in the 2021 State accounts.

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