Petrol more expensive than ever: fuel prices are skyrocketing

Status: 02/28/2022 3:30 p.m

Petrol and diesel have become more expensive by more than five cents per liter within three days. As a result of the war in Ukraine, fuel prices once again climbed to a new record level.

The Russian attack on Ukraine has once again caused fuel prices in Germany to rise to record highs. According to ADAC calculations, a liter of Super E10 cost 1.811 euros on average nationwide yesterday. Compared to the old record registered last Thursday, this means a jump in price of another 5.4 cents per liter. On Sunday, a liter of diesel cost 1.729 euros on average across Germany, 5.9 cents more than in the ADAC survey three days earlier.

Compared to the prices around Christmas, Super E10 and diesel each rose by around 22 cents per liter. This corresponds to a price increase of almost 14 percent for Super E10 and almost 15 percent for diesel. A tank filling of 40 liters thus costs almost nine euros more than two months ago. The consequences of the Ukraine war could cause fuel prices to rise further in the coming days and weeks.

High oil prices could further drive up fuel prices

“The dependency on Russia for raw materials has an extremely negative impact on fuel prices,” said the ADAC. Germany imported a good third of its crude oil from Russia last year.

Oil prices continued to rise throughout the day. A barrel (159 liters) of North Sea Brent rose to more than $100. Most recently, Brent cost $100.75, around 3.7 percent more than on Friday. At the end of last week, prices had temporarily fallen slightly due to the vague hope of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

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