Peter Bosz and Jorge Sampaoli, near the end of the state of grace?

Everything, or almost, generally opposes OL to OM, who face each other on Sunday (8:45 p.m.) for a fiery Ligue 1 shock. But this year, the choice of coach of the two Olympics has several similarities. In Lyon (7th) and Marseille (4th), Peter Bosz and Jorge Sampaoli were greeted with a certain enthusiasm by the supporters, before this state of grace has crumbled for a few weeks. 20 minutes decipher the situation with supporters of both camps.

Why have they received such a favorable reception?

Arriving after Rudi Garcia and an unrecognizable André Villas-Boas in his second season in fact ensures you a capital of sympathy. Last March, Jorge Sampaoli landed in Marseille to rebuild on a pile of ashes. The supporters invaded the Commandery a month and a half earlier, and Pablo Longoria has just replaced the hated Jacques-Henri Eyraud as President of OM. “There was gloom in the club, more play, more desire, list Wahid Dima, supporter subscribed in the north turn. A lot of players were impatiently awaiting the end of the season. Sampaoli is the symbol of this renewal, with this qualification snatched away for the Europa League to make people forget the last catastrophic months under André Villas-Boas. “

Here pushing Mattéo Guendouzi to recover this ball against Lorient, Jorge Sampaoli has brought a lot of character to this Marseille team. – Daniel Cole / AP / SIPA

For Teo, OM supporter from Lyon, the strong expectations for the Argentine coach also come from the media hype to compare him with his compatriot Marcelo Bielsa, still in the hearts of the supporters after a single season in Marseille (in 2014-2015 ): “Some media wanted to put us in the head that Sampaoli was the disciple of Bielsa with a total and attacking football. In reality, Sampaoli is much more pragmatic, he adapts to opponents. We are more solid defensively than offensively [2e meilleure défense de Ligue 1]. If Bielsa had never coached OM, there would not have been this comparison ”.

In Lyon, Peter Bosz is immediately seen as “a good guy”, with a necessarily attractive CV for five years (Ajax Amsterdam, Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen). “The guy arrived with a spontaneity and a freshness that made him a bit anti-Garcia, smiles Vincent, OL supporter. In a club so used to lying poker, with an unhealthy atmosphere that spilled over into the stands, you can only support this guy. And then he’s a good group leader who helps the players progress. You only have to see the rebirth of Houssem Aouar. I hope Aulas understands that we want passionate architects like Bosz, not results managers like Garcia. “

An enthusiasm shared by Antoine, him addicted to OL: “Bosz has a very interesting profile for the game he offers, but also for the work requirement that accompanies it. We said to ourselves that we were leaving the cocoon for the players that existed with Genesio and Garcia to enter a new, more ambitious era. “

The first doubts appear

After an exciting start (2nd, undefeated and with 12 goals scored in 5 games), OM saw a halt in Angers (0-0). Teo did not forget this evening: “We had a catastrophic offensive match, it was a real slack. Rotations had been made, they were not satisfactory. It stopped our good dynamic, and just after we lost against Lens (2-3). It was a bit of a switch to ineffectiveness. “

A finding that was particularly confirmed, according to Wahid, with the match to be replayed against Nice (1-1) on October 27. The Aiglons are a worse memory for Lyon supporters, with this infamous end to the game three days earlier (from 0-2 to the 80th to 3-2). “This match illustrates both the limitations of the workforce and those of Bosz, said Antoine. The 8 points lost in L1 in the last minutes of the matches hurt a lot. “

Like Tino Kadewere, out of the whole game in Nice and finally sent off at a key moment (1-2, 85th), the supporters blame Peter Bosz for his very late changes. “Yes, he’s a bit slow to react, and even passive when things go wrong in a match, regrets Antoine. When you see that in Nice, the first change comes in the 88th minute of play, whereas we played in Prague (3-4) three days before… It’s simple, I don’t remember a the only tactical choice that really changed a game. “

Apart from the entry into play of a Lucas Paqueta just got off the plane to offer the win against Monaco (2-0) on October 16. In this regard, the replacement in tip of the Brazilian playmaker after the injuries of Moussa Dembélé and Islam Slimani legitimately raises questions. “Better to put your best player where the ball goes the most, right?” », Launches Vincent, also frustrated by the low playing time of Rayan Cherki and Malo Gusto, especially in view of the performance of Xherdan Shaqiri and Léo Dubois (package Sunday after being injured with the Blues) in their zone.

Peter Bosz congratulates Lucas Paqueta, during a match against Clermont this summer (3-3).  The Brazilian has just been crowned best player of the month of October in Ligue 1.
Peter Bosz congratulates Lucas Paqueta, during a match against Clermont this summer (3-3). The Brazilian has just been crowned best player of the month for October in Ligue 1. – Mourad ALLILI / SIPA

Warning, chronic flaw identified

A questionable workforce management is also the lot of Jorge Sampaoli in Marseille. Teo even considers that the main concern of OM Sampaoli lies there: “Amine Harit plays against Galatasaray, comes back against Lille, then you no longer see him for five games, before he finds himself thrown into the deep end. against Lazio. It’s the same for Luis Henrique. But also Konrad de la Fuente, losing ground after his good start to the season, or Bamba Dieng, thundering against Monaco with his double (0-2), and who gradually disappeared with the return of Arkadiusz Milik.

For its part, Lyon’s defensive strength has never really appeared this season. So that after the rout in Rennes (4-1) on November 7, Opta was pleased by delivering no less than three killing stats about the collective friability of OL, worst student of the five major championships Europeans in this register. “The problem is that we don’t just have dry cleaning animals,” says Vincent. When there are headwinds, we are ultra-fragile. And again, I dare not imagine if we had an average goalkeeper this season… ”

Only Lyonnais in the blow in Brittany, Anthony Lopes avoided an even greater humiliation to his team. “We have the impression that OL never find the right balance, asks Antoine. Bosz’s game is very risky, especially given our problems in the defensive transition. When you see that at 0-2 in Nice, we find a way to take the goal that changes everything on a ball in depth for Atal. Why keep the urge to rush at this point in the game when a player like Emerson was done? “Go understand why, OL have both the 16th defense in Ligue 1 and the 5th in the Europa League, all groups combined (OK, Rangers, Sparta Prague and Bröndby would undoubtedly be far from the Top 5 in our championship ).

Do the supporters still believe in their coach?

Wahid remains optimistic about the rest of the OM Sampaoli season. He indeed imagines some players raising their level: “Milik, I don’t think it’s a matter of confidence, but more of physics. He did not play for four months then he returns in a period where we have a series of complicated matches. A guy like Gerson is not yet up to par, and Lirola has not found the one he was at the end of last season. And I’m sure these players will come back. “Wahid therefore believes in” a good cycle “to come, unlike some Lyonnais, still almost traumatized by the (non) match in Rennes.

Arkadiusz Milik, here against Metz on November 7, is struggling to regain his best level since his return to the field last month.
Arkadiusz Milik, here against Metz on November 7, is struggling to regain his best level since his return to the field last month. – Daniel Cole / AP / SIPA

“As much in Rennes, the thesis of the accident was plausible in my opinion, as a defeat against OM would lead to doubts and a possible collapse, fears Vincent. Bosz is perhaps a little afraid of reliving his previous Bundesliga failures and he tries to make a jump-start. But his game may not be able to tolerate the jump ball, as we saw in Rennes where he wanted to take the opponent into account by giving us an unusual 4-3-3 with Thiago Mendes. »Finally, what is most detrimental before such a poster: to have his sports director announcing his departure almost officially six months from the end of the season, or the inability of OM to win in Lyon for 14 years?

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