Permanent baking foil: How to use the sustainable baking paper alternative

Baking paper alternative
Permanent baking foil: How to use the sustainable gadget and save rubbish

Permanent baking foils replace conventional baking paper and are a sustainable alternative

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Permanent baking foil replaces the classic baking paper. In contrast to the disposable standard, the sustainable gadget can be reused. That saves a lot of paper waste. Here is a brief summary of all you need to know about kitchen gadgets made of heat-resistant silicone.

Permanent baking foil avoids the use of baking paper and is therefore much more environmentally friendly. In contrast to the popular disposable product, permanent baking foil can be reused. Another plus point: permanent baking foils (also called baking mats) are more heat-resistant than baking paper and cannot burn up in the oven. A good permanent baking foil should tasteless and odorless be. How to use the sustainable gadget correctly and which variants are available can be seen here at a glance.

How do you use permanent baking foil?

A permanent baking foil is intended to replace baking paper. The kitchen classic is used to separate food and baking tray in the hot oven. Because baking paper turns black after a few times in the oven and can no longer be used, there are alternatives that should save waste thanks to its reusability. So-called permanent baking films are popular. As a rule, these are slightly larger than the baking sheet so that nothing can slip and – when baking, for example – no dough runs over the edge. You can also use the permanent baking foil as a base for rolling out cookie or cake dough. The non-stick coating ensures that nothing sticks.

Overview of permanent baking foils

Permanent baking foil all serve one purpose, they are supposed to replace baking paper and ensure that the food does not stick to the baking sheet in the hot oven. Sets that cover different sizes and shapes can be practical, but also models with guidelines for rolling out dough and the like.

Classic permanent baking foil

This should be up to 230 degrees Silicone baking mat endure. The manufacturer also states that the gadget can be reused up to 1000 times. It is a classic, square-cut permanent baking foil that is well suited for everyday use in the kitchen because it fits on conventional baking sheets.

Permanent baking foil set

This Permanent baking foil set is reusable, heat-resistant, non-stick coated and dishwasher safe. It comprises a total of four square blanks, two blanks for round springform pans, a box shape and, as a special feature, two toaster bags. You can, for example, place toasts with toppings in them and melt them in the toaster.

Permanent baking foil with guidelines

A Baking mat with guidelines be. If you want to roll out a cake or pizza dough, for example, you can do this very easily thanks to the markings on the mat. Auxiliary lines in centimeter increments are also indicated on the edge of the permanent baking foil.

How often can you use permanent baking foil?

That is individual. Observe the manufacturer’s information. What is certain is that baking mats can be used more often than conventional baking paper, which usually only withstands the high temperatures in the oven four to six times. However, a permanent baking foil will not last for life either. It is also decisive how often you use the baking mat.

How do you clean permanent baking foil correctly?

Use warm water and a mild detergent to clean the parchment paper alternative. If the dirt is more stubborn, you can soak the gadget and then use a soft sponge to help. The permanent baking foil should not be cleaned too roughly so that the silicone is not damaged.

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