Permaculturist at 22, Goran plants the seed of ecology in the hearts of his million subscribers

“When I was little, I wanted to open a zoo with my best friends,” remembers Goran Puig, 22, laughing. Finally, apart from a few details, he is making his dream come true. He does not have a zoo, but he is a farmer and has, in the middle of the Romans-sur-Isère countryside, in Drôme, a 1,500 m² vegetable garden, plants, enclosures, geese, chickens, a “brand new” greenhouse coupled with a “studio” part, the furniture of which was made by his friends.

Inside this small cabin, Hugo, his best friend and partner, scrolls through the rushes of a video that has just been filmed. For a year, they have been producing Instagram, TikTok and Youtube, to popularize the practice of permaculture. In total, more than 1.5 million people follow Goran’s advice on social media.

From philosophy to the “click” of permaculture

“Before, there was nothing. Just a plot of land of one and a half hectares, fallow,” shows Goran, proudly presenting his very extensive garden. This land was bequeathed to him by his parents as they separated from the house “right behind” in which he grew up. “I absolutely wanted to keep a foot on the ground here,” he says. A decision he will “never” regret.

In 2020, confined to his apartment in Montpellier where he had gone to study philosophy, he started watching videos of “anything and everything”. “I came across permaculture videos and there it clicked,” he recalls. I said to myself: “I want to do that! I have the land, I have perfect soils, already fertile. There’s nothing stopping me. Go!”. » Without hesitation, he returned to Romans-sur-Isère, found a small job on the side to finance his project and began developing his land. “It was obvious, I was much better off with my hands full of dirt than in the depths of an amphitheater,” he says.

At the same time, he trained himself in permaculture gardening techniques. “I tested things and as soon as I had difficulties, I went to find out about solutions,” he confides. Before adding: “I’m not going to lie, it was hard, especially the first season. After a year and a half of struggles and failures, I gave myself the year 2023 to prove myself. Otherwise, I put everything away. »

“I never imagined I would be so successful”

Very motivated, Goran doesn’t give up. And a happy coincidence will change the trajectory of his initial plans. “We were at a meal with friends and Hugo, who was returning from a trip, heard that I had set myself the goal of becoming a farmer while respecting a model different from what we might be used to hearing,” continues the young permaculturist. He then offered to film me explaining these techniques. »

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The first video was published in May 2023 on Instagram. A year later, the channel has one million subscribers. “We started with one video per day for a month with simply the idea of ​​showing what permaculture is, what it brings and the happiness it brings. I never imagined I would be so successful,” he says, his eyes full of gratitude.

Succeed in your vegetable garden, don’t throw away pasta water, know everything about orchids or even how to recycle your newspapers… In a friendly, educational tone but above all by being “authentic”, Goran shares “to all audiences” advice that can be “reproduced” easily. “Depending on the seasons, I always have something to share, otherwise, it’s the subscribers who ask me questions and I answer them on video,” he explains, standing in front of his shelves of peppers, melons and of zucchini in his greenhouse.

An educational microfarm in 2025

Thanks to this notoriety, Goran and Hugo can pay themselves “a small salary” through the creation of content. And without this support, the permaculturist would have had “much more difficulty” in developing larger projects. In April, he launched a crowdfunding pot to create an educational farm. In one month, he raised more than 80,000 euros. This summer, it will be able to launch the sale of its products directly, in packed baskets. He will also work with one of his friends to transform his products and make “sauces for example”.

“What I like is sharing, making accessible what seems essential to me,” explains Goran. I would then like to be able to open my educational microfarm, welcome schools, offer permaculture training and simply allow people to eat good products, which respect their bodies and nature. We would all benefit, from every point of view, even financially, if everyone practiced permaculture. » Next goal for this young person? “Open this farm in 2025,” he concludes.

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