Pepi on pee fake message: “I just laughed”

Pepi on pee fake message: “I just laughed”

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There was a crazy rumor about Ricardo Pepi shortly after his FCA move. He tells how he dealt with it.

In a media interview, Ricardo Pepi reacted to the fake news from the internet that Augsburg coach Markus Weinzierl peed on the striker to greet him.

The young US striker now takes it with humor: “I just laughed. It was my teammates who showed me. They said: ‘Is that true?’ I just said they should know it can’t be true. We hang out every day after all.”

Augsburg denies fake news about Pepi and Weinzierl

A quote from the record transfer by the Fuggerstadt residents had previously made the rounds on the Internet, in which the latter is said to have said that he still had to get used to the culture in Germany. So coach Markus Weinzierl peed on him in the shower after training and said that this was simply part of it. FC Augsburg then commented on the alleged quote via social media and stamped the message with a “Fake!” lettering.

Pepi now added that he now wants to learn German as quickly as possible: “I want to be able to speak it and understand everything that is said.”

Pepi moved from FC Dallas to Augsburg in the winter for 16 million euros, and Bayern are said to have been interested in the storm talent.


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