Peace movement: Thousands demonstrate at the Munich Security Conference

Peace movement
Thousands demonstrate at the Munich Security Conference

Demonstrators have gathered in Munich on the sidelines of the security conference. photo

© Peter Kneffel/dpa

Thousands of people take to the streets in Munich – they have different motives and goals. Topics range from human rights violations in Ethiopia to the war in Ukraine.

Thousands of people took part on the occasion Munich Security Conference demonstrated for peace in the world and against grievances in individual regions. In the afternoon, a rally for peace in Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia, took place at Odeonsplatz. At its peak, 3,000 people gathered there, the police said in the evening.

First, a peace movement demonstration with more than 2,500 people set off. In the afternoon there was also a demonstration with participants who, according to the police, were more likely to be assigned to the politically right-wing, pro-Russian camp. According to police reports, there were almost 2,000 participants at the peak.

Under the motto “Make Peace!” An initiative had registered for the move, which is partly attributed to the lateral thinker scene. There were also demonstrations against human rights violations in Bangladesh and Ethiopia.

In the morning, demonstrators gathered in downtown Munich to speak out against the Islamic system of rule in Iran. All meetings were peaceful and without major disruptions, as the police announced in the evening.


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