Pay attention to warning signs and symptoms of the terminal nervous disease

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From: Yannick Hanke

In Germany alone, hundreds of thousands suffer from Parkinson’s. But what early warning signs point to a disease of the nervous system?

Berlin – The gait is unsteady, the hands are shaking, the facial expressions are almost frozen: These are all symptoms that typically indicate Parkinson’s disease. However, these clear signs of illness only appear when the affected nerve cells have long been largely switched off, how reported.

However, the early warning signs of Parkinson’s are not so clear. They are rarely associated with the nerve disease. However, Parkinson’s disease usually announces itself insidiously – and now shows early warning signals. But which ones?

Parkinson’s is an incurable nerve disease – and usually affects men around the age of 60

For those affected, but also for their relatives, there is no hope in the case of Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately. Because the nerve disease is not curable. According to the German Parkinson Society, in Germany 400,000 people affected by the disease.

Various early warning signs can point to Parkinson’s disease. But which ones? © Bernd Thissen/dpa/symbol image

At the time of diagnosis, those affected are on average 60 years old. And more men than women get the disease, also known as shaking palsy. This is what causes Parkinson’s Death of nerve cells in the brain, similar to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dopamine, which the body normally uses to control movement, is then no longer produced.

These are early warning signs of Parkinson’s disease

The unspecific early symptoms of Parkinson’s are distributed all over the body and have nothing to do with motor skills. Rather, they are disturbances

  • of digestion, especially with frequent constipation
  • the sense of smell, including decreased ability to taste
  • of sleepingwith violent movements during the dream phases
  • of sexuality, with erectile dysfunction
  • your own handwriting

    of muscle tension, with excessive tension

Early diagnosis of Parkinson’s possible through skin biopsy

Today, doctors can reliably determine whether one or more of the symptoms are actually associated with Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s disease can be diagnosed with a small skin sample. The diagnosis is made by detecting certain protein deposits in the nerve endings of the skin in people at an early stage of the disease.

A Parkinson’s diagnosis that is made years before the first typical movement disorders appear could improve the course of the incurable disease enormously in the future through early treatment. However, the outbreak can currently neither be delayed nor prevented with medication.

Changed handwriting can also be a possible warning sign of Parkinson’s

Another warning sign of Parkinson’s is your handwriting. Studies have already shown that the typeface changes in Parkinson’s disease. The letters written are very small. In addition, those affected complain that writing is an enormous effort for them.

Other people affected by Parkinson’s notice when they exercise that something is wrong with their bodies. When jogging or swimming, it then feels as if one side is out of step. That is understandable. Because the classic Parkinson’s disease manifests itself in a one-sided manner.

If Parkinson’s runs in the family: You should see a doctor if you have these symptoms

If the symptoms of Parkinson’s mentioned occur more frequently and there is no obvious explanation for this, Smoking as the cause of the olfactory disorder, for example, then those affected should consult a doctor. This is especially true for people who have close relatives with Parkinson’s.

In this case, it may also be advisable to have an examination by a specialist in neurodegenerative diseases (diseases of the nervous system). This is immensely important. Starting therapy early can significantly improve everyday life with Parkinson’s. This unfortunately incurable nervous disease.

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