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Presidential election in the Czech Republic:Ex-general wins against billionaire

Presidential election in the Czech Republic: Petr Pavel is a political career changer.

Petr Pavel is a political career changer.

(Photo: Jaroslav Novak/dpa)

Former NATO general Petr Pavel surprisingly clearly prevailed in the run-off election against former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

By Viktoria Großmann, Prague

In the presidential elections in the Czech Republic, there are signs of a clear victory for candidate Petr Pavel. The 61-year-old was most recently chairman of the NATO military committee and ended his service as a general in the Czech army in 2019.

After counting almost 90 percent of the votes, Pavel is clearly ahead of billionaire Andrej Babiš with almost 57 percent. During the election campaign, the former prime minister and current leader of the opposition primarily attacked the government and spread fears that the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine would spread to EU countries.

Petr Pavel stands for close cooperation with partners in the EU and NATO. He promised to restore dignity to the office. Pavel is expected to achieve the best result ever achieved in a presidential election, and voter turnout also reached a record high.

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