Patrice Evra lets go of his truths about the Anelka-Domenech clash in Knysna!

On the occasion of the release of his book “I love this game”, Patrice Evra (40 years old) was the guest, this Thursday, of the show “Rothen Ignites” on RMC. Present alongside Nicolas Anelka, the former Manchester United side notably returned to the Knysna episode experienced by the France team in 2010 and more particularly to this infamous clash between Nicolas Anelka and Raymond Domenech. Asked about this, Evra wanted to express his truth about the famous: *”go fuck yourself dirty son of p, titled by The Team the day after the events. “I wanted to convince Nico (to apologize)”, first explains Patrice Evra before adding: “Nico said to me: no worries, I apologize to the group and the coach, but I cannot do it in public. That’s not what I said (compared to the famous front page of L’Equipe, editor’s note) and my lawyers are on it. I’m not going to publicly apologize for something I didn’t say.”*

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But the former Marseillais did not stop there and thus revealed all the backstage of this clash symbolizing in itself the resounding failure of the Blues at Knysna and which, according to him, has often been distorted by the successive declarations of the various actors, right up to the political world. “When they told me they were going to expel Nico, I said to Domenech: This is going to be the biggest mistake, you are going to destroy this group, this group is going to go into a spin. He said, “OK. If he apologizes in front of the band and in front of me, no worries.” I went to Nico’s room to convince him. I ask where the coach is. They tell me they can’t find it. It’s as if he had disappeared. In my head, I tell myself that Nico will change his decision. And then there, I go up and I see the quiet coach with Jean-Pierre Escalettes. They are laughing. I tell the coach that we’ve been waiting for him for an hour and that Nico is ready to apologize. The coach tells me: “it’s too late, it’s over”. Above is the President of the Republic.

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